Real Estate Investing Guide: Due Diligence- Post Offer Series Part 1

Real Estate Investing Guide: Due Diligence- Post Offer Series Part 1

Real Estate Investing Guide: Due Diligence- Post Offer Series Part 1

Chapters 1-7: Single Family Homes

Welcome to, where real estate insights meet actionable knowledge. We’re happy to present our latest video series, “Real Estate Investing Guide: Due Diligence – Single Family Homes.” Crafted by seasoned professionals, this series equips you with the know-how needed to excel in the world of real estate investment.

Why This Series is Essential: Embarking on a real estate investment journey can be exciting yet challenging. Our series serves as an indispensable guide, unraveling the complexities of post-offer due diligence for single-family homes. These steps for single-family homes also apply to other types of real estate but not all steps for multifamily and commercial property types would apply to single-family homes.

In our next real estate investing guide, we’ll be focusing on multifamily and commercial real estate for Chapters 8-15. Each chapter is a key that unlocks the secrets to successful real estate investing.

This series was also featured at and can be found HERE as well as a PDF format checklist you can download HERE.

Chapter Highlights:

  • Chapter 1: Inspection: Delve deep into property inspection, uncovering insights that go beyond surface impressions. Ensure your investment is built on solid foundations.
  • Chapter 2: Insurance: Safeguard your venture with a comprehensive understanding of insurance nuances. From property coverage to liability considerations, we demystify the insurance landscape for real estate investors.
  • Chapter 3: Leases: Navigate the intricacies of leasing agreements with confidence. Our experts share insights on crafting leases that protect your interests while fostering positive tenant relationships.
  • Chapter 4: HOA Covenants: Decode the world of Homeowners’ Association (HOA) covenants. Understand how these regulations can impact your investment and ensure a harmonious relationship with your property’s governing body.
  • Chapter 5: Verify Square Footage: Size matters, especially in real estate. Learn to accurately verify square footage, preventing surprises and ensuring your investment aligns with your expectations.
  • Chapter 6: Conduct Survey: Delve into the significance of surveys in the real estate landscape. Grasp the importance of boundary delineation and uncover potential hurdles before they become obstacles.
  • Chapter 7: Appraisal and Estimate Expenses: Navigate the financial terrain of real estate investment confidently. Our experts guide you through the appraisal process and help you estimate expenses accurately for a well-informed investment decision.
Chapter 1: Inspection
Chapter 2: Insurance
Chapter 3: Leases
Chapter 4: HOA Covenants
Chapter 6:  Check SQ FT & Conduct Survey
Chapter 7: Appraisal and Estimate Expenses

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