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MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io 24 7 365 Property Management
Guarantee Seal- www.MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io
Guarantee Seal- www.MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io
MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Laker Real Estate Around the Clock Management

We are going to take care of your property as if it were our own. You should never have an empty rental or be missing money by having a property vacant.

Renting your property successfully with the right management is going to increase the value of your property and increase your monthly cash flow. Plus, our fees are a tax write off for your real estate business.

Guarantee Seal- www.MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io
Guarantee Seal- www.MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io

MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Residential Sales, Purchasing & Leasing

Residential Home

We are licensed realtors and can help you with any purchasing, selling or leasing needs. We’ll handle sales for a total 5% commission rate. Most other brokerages are charging 6-7%.

We are going to ensure your property is sold at the highest price in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you’re a buyer, we will help you find your next property. We are experts in the local market and listen intently to our clients’ needs to help place them in the right home. We will help you by finding properties that match your desired needs in your desired locations and negotiate hard on your behalf to make sure you are getting the best price possible.

We can also assist you in the leasing of your home or condo.

If you are looking to rent residential apartments please call us.

MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Commercial Sales, Purchasing and Leasing
MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Laker Real Estate Commercial Property

We are here to help you find buyers and renters for your commercial or industrial investment property and assist you with a 1031 exchange. If you have a commercial space you would like to sell or need help with leasing, contact us.

We will work with you to custom tailor lease requirements to ensure your commercial tenants are staying in place for as long as you need.

We can also help you with the management of your commercial property should you need it. We also work with other investors who are happy to give you an offer on your property.


MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Other Services

  • One time property leasing services

Looking for leasing services without management services? We will rent your home or apartment one time if needed. We will market, show and rent your property for a low one time flat cost.

Please note, our leasing services are cheaper for our Property Management clients. 

1 months rent for leases 1-18 months

1.5 months rent for leases 18-35 months

2 months rent for leases 3 years or over

If you are a renter in need of a space contact us. We will help you find a place with the same fee structure as listed above.

  • Rental Lead Generation Program

Maybe you or someone else you know is willing to manage your building or show your apartments but you’re having trouble finding qualified renters. We can help you with our Rental Lead Generation Program. We will market your property for free and send you leads. You’ll pay us a 25% referral fee once they sign a lease.  

  • Rent Collection/ Conflict Resolution

Do you have an existing tenant who is behind on their rental payments or someone who is in a lease violation? Maybe you’re not the best with conflict resolution and you need a 3rd party to help you collect your money or enforce your lease, rules  or policies. We are happy to help you.

  • Squatter/ Trespassing Resolution 

Do you have a property that is currently occupied by a squatter or someone who may not be on a lease and have no legal right to be in your property? Call us and we’ll help you remove any unwanted persons and re-secure and re-key your property if necessary. Property owners are responsible for locksmith costs and other additional security costs as they see fit. 

  • Turnover Inspections

Do you have a property where a tenant is leaving and you need for someone to conduct an inspection once they have left to see if there are any damages beyond normal wear and tear? We will go through your property room by room and complete a full inspection report and notify you of any damages. We will include photos and videos for evidence.

  • Air BNB Management

Do you have a property that you would like to turn into an Air BNB to make extra income? Or maybe you already have an Air BNB you are looking to have someone else manage for you? Contact us now to learn more.

Air BNB is a popular app you can download in the App Store. It allows property owners to create a space users on the app can book on a nightly basis like a hotel. Air BNB can literally turn your apartment, home or part of your home into a hotel room. This is a great opportunity for property owners to make extra income off of spaces they may not currently be utilizing.

  • Consulting

We’re happy to offer consulting services on an hourly or contract basis to make sure your business and your property are operating as efficiently as possible.