MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Laker Real Estate Property Management Fees

MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Laker Real Estate Flate Fee Costs

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We believe in transparency. Our rates are as follows with no hidden fees…

89.99 FOR 1-2 UNITS.

79.99 FOR 2-4 UNITS.

69.99 FOR 5-11 UNITS.

59.99 FOR 11-21 UNITS.


  • Minneapolis/ St. Paul Property Management solutions for all property types, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, single family homes, condos, town homes and lofts.
  • No long term contracts are required.
  • We do no charge “account setup fees” like other companies.
  • We do not charge “administrative paperwork fees” for things such as year end CRP’s, rent rolls or other routine paper work like other companies.
  • We do not charge for “rental license inspection” fees or any other sort of fees.
  • CONTACT US to get a free quote. We are very confident we can do a better job of managing your real estate investments than competitors while also offering lower flat fees with no long-term contracts required. 
  • We would advise you to be careful of companies who don’t list their full fee structure.
Guarantee Seal- www.MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io

MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Laker Real Estate Resident Placement Fees

MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Transparent Fees
  • $500.00 flat fee for 1 bedroom units.
  • $600.00 flat fee for 2 bedroom units.
  • $700.00 flat fee for 3 bedroom units.
  • $800.00 flat fee for 4 bedroom units.
  • 5+ to be determined based on % of 1 months rent.
  • $200.00 flat fee for lease renewals.
MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Laker Real Estate Easy 5 Step Process
MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Laker Real Estate Easy 5 Step Process Infographic
MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Why You Should Choose Us
  1. Standardized monthly rent collection and enforcement procedures and to ensure your tenants are on time, all the time.
  2. We handle any and all maintenance problems and respond to emergencies 24/7 (note owners are responsible for repair costs).
  3. We have a refined network of experienced maintenance staff to fix problems faster and at the lowest prices possible. We will work efficiently with your 3rd party contractor if you have someone you like working with.
  4. Detailed monthly accounting statements and rent rolls are provided so you know where every penny of your money is coming and going. Simply hand the statements over to your accountant or tax preparation expert and you are finished.
  5. Tenant screening solutions to ensure the highest quality candidates are placed quickly.
  6. We will handle city inspections to make sure your building is in compliance with local code ordinances.
  7. We use free advertising tools to effectively market your property without charging you a penny for marketing. We also use very low-cost advertisements (typically less than 10.00 a week) to reach a larger audience if you wish to go beyond the free tools we use.
  8. Responsive communication and updates provided weekly.
  9. We are used to servicing small properties as well as large commercial properties and everything in between.
  10. Get the benefit of working with a licensed Realtor without the expensive commission rates for every service. We have a fiduciary responsibility to do the right thing for our clients.
  11. We have over 15 years of real estate and management experience.
  12. Management fees are a write off for your business.
  13. No long-term contracts are required.
  14. We offer flat management rates with everything included because we believe in transparency.

If you are interested in our property management services please contact us and ask for our free property rental analysis for your rental property.

MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Laker Real Estate Freebies

This again is at no cost. We want to see you succeed!

Minneapolis Property Management Guarantee

*We offer a 6 month tenant placement guarantee. If for some reason a tenant does not stay for at least 6 months we will replace the resident at no additional cost, GUARANTEED!

MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Laker Real Estate Maintenance Services
MinneapolisPropertyManagement.io Maintenance

We have a very experienced and dependable repair and maintenance service staff available for any and all of your building maintenance needs. We use the pay per hour model with select specialized sub-contractors. This means you are getting the most experienced and knowledgeable staff  who can quickly address and fix problems on a as needed on demand basis.

Any maintenance problems you could ever possibly imagine we’ve handled before and we can handle for you too in a timely, efficient and cost saving manner. Keeping tenants happy and safe keeps them in place for longer while protecting your building from developing problems that could prove costly as time progresses. 

We also will allow you to access our team of professional lawyers, accountants and CPAs, engineers, architects, general contractors and sub-contractors for any of your other real estate needs.

Contact us now, sign up to get your Free Property Rental Analysis today!